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Forum Rules

Postby BIG RICH » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:11 pm

Forum Rules
1. This forum is for DEFINITE OBSESSIONS club members and friends. If you can’t follow the rules please leave. There are plenty of other forums out there.

2. Drama will not be tolerated. If you're on here causing it, you won’t get a warning or a please don’t do that. We don’t want it here therefore you won’t be welcome here. See rule #1

3. Posts or entire threads can and will be moved edited or deleted at the discretion of the admin/moderator staff if deemed unwanted content. Views & opinions are always welcome, but keep it civil (example: you think someone is doing something unsafe to their vehicle, explain it don’t just rip them apart for it). Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. Destructive criticism is not.

4. NO PORN can be posted here. This means absolutely no promotion of sites that lead to adult content (pornography).

5. Please read classifieds rules in that forum before posting a thread selling something.

6. If you have a dispute, and you’re not a member of DEFINITE OBSESSIONS, hash it out in Private Messages. We don’t want disputes brought to any public forums. Club Members have a forum available to them for this purpose should a problem arise.

7. Promoting illegal activity (other than cruising, dragging or other vehicle related crimes) is not allowed. This includes drug use, underage drinking or CD/DVD pirating or bootlegging.

8. People who come on this board for the sole purpose of breaking any of these rules intentionally will be banned immediately.

9. Avatars will be no larger than 150 pixels x 150 pixels. Larger avatars will be deleted without warning.

10. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone. See Rule #1
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