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Ride Requirements Policy
Any and all vehicles owned by those interested in petitioning and running a full logo must be presented to the chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents for approval. When submitting the vehicles, include photos as well as a list of what is done to the vehicle and what future plans are. Info on the owner would be appreciated, but is not required and will in no way be the sole basis for deciding on allowing the petitioning. Individual chapters will decide on the person's character. Vehicles must meet Clean and Modified standards as outlined below.
• Above all else, vehicles must be safe to operate on the road.
• No missing or damaged body panels, lenses or glass
• All wiring must be clean, hidden if possible
• Vehicles can NOT be stock and should have a minimum of 3 major mods (classics, rat rods ect are on a case by case basis)

Voting will take no more than 7 days. Presidents and Vice Presidents will post comments to explain a no vote so feedback may be given to the vehicle owner. A simple majority rules with the club founder casting any tie breaker.

What we look at:
• Look for missing welds on links, tabs, notches. These need to be addressed before going any further.
• Take a look at the tires, point out any wear and make sure they know to inspect their vehicles before heading out to a show/cruise/meeting. This will save some headaches.

Body Damage
• Vehicles with missing panels, rusted out panels and/or broken lights, grills ect should not be brought up for a vote. Rat rods being an obvious exception.

• Wiring must be safe.
• Wiring must be clean and loomed or hidden whenever possible.

• Remember we are open to all types of rides so meeting 3 major mods in some instances might not fit the vehicle. This will be considered on a case by case basis by us.
• Major mods include....
Wheels - Aftermarket or OEM swap 16" or bigger
Suspension - up or down. 2" minimum on trucks, 1" minimum on cars
Body & Paint - shaving & full primer, complete paint
Interior - reupholstered seats & headliner or fiberglass and painted/wrapped panels (painted small trim parts doesn't count)
Stereo - Headunit and speaker swap, amps and subs optional
Engine - Minimum of 3 changes from stock or full engine swap
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