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The following is the Club By-Laws and Membership Requirements


Definite Obsessions was created to promote fun, friendship and the building of custom cars, trucks, SUVs and bikes with a minimum of rules to help with the organization of the club.


1. Ownership of one or more customized car, truck, SUV or bike deemed worthy of wearing a Definite Obsessions logo.

2. All members must agree to abide by the by-laws set forth herein.

3. All members must be willing to participate in meetings and shows deemed to be club events.

4. All members must be willing to display the club logo on their vehicle.

5. All members must be 18 years of age or older.

6. All members must attend at least one show per year other then the club's shows.


The following by-laws shall be considered as un-amendable and absolute.

1. There shall be no less than two members. Should the official club roster fall below two members in good standing, the club shall be considered disbanded.

2. Members must attend as many meetings as possible and enter at least one show per year to be considered in good standing.

3. No illegal drug use by club members before, during or after club meetings and/or events will be tolerated. Members who are driving to and from club meetings and/or events are encouraged not to consume alcohol before driving to and from meetings and/or events. If you wish to drink, then have a designated driver available. Violation of drug policy will be grounds for removal from DEFINITE OBSESSIONS. Being arrested at a club event can be grounds for immediate permanent dismissal from DEFINITE OBSESSIONS.

4. Any requests for new chapters must be made to the club founder. New chapters must conform to the By-Laws set forth by the main chapter of DEFINITE OBSESSIONS including any changes. Each chapter will have a President who oversees club meetings and helps organize the chapter. This person will be selected by the club founder after considering all comments made by new chapter prospects. New chapters will be required to petition for 6 months. New chapter members who are within 200 miles of an existing chapter must meet with the chapter president of that chapter before being admitted. Chapter Presidents will then vote on admission of the new chapter.

5. At no time will any member intentionally do any damage to a fellow or former club member’s property.

6. No one leaves the awards presentation early…even if you don’t win anything. Stay and have respect for other clubs. When we roll to a show, we roll together. When we leave, we leave together. If one person has a problem and stops we all stop to help. Leaving a show early for long distance travel reasons are excused.

7. New members must petition for a minimum of 90 days and are required to attend and enter 1 show before being eligible to become a member. Once voted in, new members must have a logo on their vehicle by the next meeting.

8. Former members who left in good standing will be allowed to join after attending one meeting and a majority vote. Members who left to join another club will not be allowed to return.

9. If a member sells or trades their vehicle for a non logo worthy one, they can remain as active members provided they still attend regular meetings and club functions.

10. Ride Requirements
• Above all else, vehicles must be safe to operate on the road.
• No missing or damaged body panels, lenses or glass
• All wiring must be clean, hidden if possible
• Vehicles can NOT be stock and should have a minimum of 3 major mods (classics, rat rods ect are on a case by case basis)

Wheels - Aftermarket any size or OEM swap 16" or bigger
Suspension - up or down. 2" minimum on trucks, 1" minimum on cars
Body & Paint - shaving & full primer, complete paint
Interior - reupholstered seats & headliner or fiberglass and painted/wrapped panels (painted small trim parts doesn't count)
Stereo - Headunit and speaker swap, amps and subs optional
Engine - Minimum of 3 changes from stock or full engine swap.


1. Meetings will be once a month at a specified day, time and place.

2. Meetings will begin with the review of any plans for an upcoming show. Then there will be discussion of any new club business or news. Each meeting will close with a vote on any club related matters including the entry of new members.

3. Perspective members will not be allowed to be present during any voting on club business.

4. At no time shall there ever be dues levied on any member of any chapter of DEFINITE OBSESSIONS. Any attempt to collect dues from any members should be met with contempt and reported to the founder.

5. Meeting Attendance Requirements: Miss 3 meetings in a row without good cause and you will be considered "not in good standing." What is "good cause?" Family Affairs (Wedding, Funeral, etc.), Military Service etc., Forced Work. Chapter President will make final Decision on good cause. Upon 3rd missed meeting, the continued membership of the offending member will be voted on by all present members. Majority Rules. Presidential Tie Breaker.

6.Voting System: Silent Ballot, Choose Yes or No. May write comments. Place all ballots in hat. Ballots to be read by Chapter President. In the event of a tie, Chapter President has final decision.No non-members may attend voting session, EXCEPT the person being voted upon.


The DEFINITE OBSESSIONS logo, in any form, remains the property of DEFINITE OBSESSIONS and its founder Richard M Bruner. Any DEFINITE OBSESSIONS logo affixed to a resigning or removed member’s vehicle must be completely removed immediately upon resignation or removal. The club logo will be designed to allow for individual color choices of members but must not be altered in style by anyone. Club logos must meet a minimum 6" wide size requirement. Club logos are subject to the approval of the club founder and will be purchased from a shop chosen by the club. Perspective members will be allowed to run a small logo on their vehicles while petitioning for membership. If after 60 days from being voted in, you do not have a logo, you will be placed up for a removal vote by the members of your chapter.


All members are encouraged to participate in the available social media groups. All President and Vice Presidents are REQUIRED to take part in social media groups as pertains to chapter information, membership updates and voting on club related matters.
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